E Ola Ka ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi
The Hawaiian Language Shall Live

Aloha and welcome to Niuolahiki! The ʻAha Pūnana Leo is proud to offer self-directed online Hawaiian language lessons. Our new chapter lessons are:
  • User friendly: One click and the interactive lessons begin.
  • Self-paced: You control the flow of learning material.
  • Convenient: Enroll and study at anytime from anywhere.
  • Affordable: $30.00 per chapter, pay-as-you-go.

Enroll in 4 Easy Steps!

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If you have any questions or need assistance:

If you forgot your password, reset your password HERE. Your username will always be your email address. If you are still unsure on how to enroll into a class, please review our short How to Enroll tutorial.

The first initial chapters of 25 total Nā Kai ʻEwalu chapters are currently available for purchase (pay-as-you-go, chapter-by-chapter). You can register and begin at anytime. Payment is made via a secure connection to PayPal either via your PayPal account or via credit or debit card. Once payment is complete, you are automatically re-directed to the class page and can begin immediately. Upon successful completion of a chapter exam, you are eligible to receive a beautiful certificate of completion (one per chapter) via email for each self-directed chapter acknowledging your effort and commitment.

You will enjoy online learning if you answer “Yes” to the following:

  • I like working and learning on a computer.
  • I am self-disciplined enough to follow lessons on my own.
  • I am comfortable learning independently. Not being able to see the instructor face-to-face does not bother me.

Learn more about our self-directed courses in detail under the “Course categories” column to the left. Bundle specials are also available.

After looking closer at the the history of Hawaiʻi and her language, we hope that you will consider learning Hawaiian with us. Your participation in these classes contribute to the efforts to revitalize Hawaiian as a daily spoken language. E ola ka ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi. The Hawaiian language shall live.

Become a part of our growing online ʻohana today! Kākou like nō hoʻi! Join us!

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He ʻĪnaʻi: Poke ʻAukiō Ka Leo Hawaiʻi
by Admin Niuolahiki - Wednesday, February 10, 2016, 12:26 AM

E hoʻolohe i ko Kupuna Alice Nāmakelua kamaʻilio ʻana me Kauanoe Larry Kimura ma Ka Leo Hawaiʻi no ka pāʻani kamaliʻi ʻo ka peʻepeʻe akua (hide and seek). E hīmeni pū mai: “Kuʻi, kuʻi kāmūmumu, holo i uka, holo i kai, holo i kou wahi e peʻe ai a nalo loa.” Learn more here: http://bit.ly/1T4IbNp

Picture of Admin Niuolahiki
HE HOʻOLAHA: Hoʻokumu ʻIa ʻO Ka Leo Hawaiʻi Ma ka Waihona Hoʻāhu Hawaiʻi ʻo Ulukau
by Admin Niuolahiki - Wednesday, February 10, 2016, 12:25 AM

ʻO Joseph Makaʻai a me Rachel Ridenour nā hoa kamaʻilio o Kauanoe Larry Kimura ma ke kahua lēkiō ʻo KCCN. ʻO Joseph Makaʻai ka ʻanakala o Kauanoe Larry Kimura.

Hilo, Hawaiʻi–Ma ke komo pū ʻana i loko o ka Māhina ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi ʻo Pepeluali e hoʻokumu pū ai ʻo Ka Haka ʻUla O Keʻelikōlani i ka hōkeo ʻikepili pūnaewele ʻo Ka Leo Hawaiʻi ma ka hopena o Pepeluali. ʻO Ka Leo Hawaiʻi ka ʻohina mua no ka paena pūnaewele hou ma ka waihona kikohoʻe i kapa ʻia ʻo Kani ʻĀina.

He papahana lēkiō ʻōlelo-Hawaiʻi ʻo Ka Leo Hawaiʻi i hoʻolele mua ʻia ma ka lā 22 o Pepeluali o ka makahiki 1972 ma KCCN no 16 makahiki nona 417 polokolamu i kona wā mua i mālama ʻia ai. Hoʻopuka ʻia ma ka ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi a mālama ʻia e Kauanoe Larry Kimura ma o nā nīnauele ʻīwā ʻana ma ke kahua lēkiō me nā mānaleo, ʻo ka hapanui he poʻe kūpuna mai loko mai o ko Hawaiʻi poʻe mānaleo Hawaiʻi hope loa. Ma hope o kekahi wā hoʻomaha o ka makahiki 1988, ua hoʻomau ʻia ka papahana e Puakea Nogelmeir i ka makahiki 1991. I nā makahiki i hala ai, ua paʻakikī ka hoʻomau ʻia o ka papahana me nā hoa kamaʻilio mānaleo a hiki aku i ko Ka Leo Hawaiʻi hoʻolele hope loa i ka makahiki 2000.

Na Ka Leo Hawaiʻi i hoʻomalele i ka ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi a puni nā mokupuni he ʻōlelo e lohe ʻia ai he ʻōlelo wali ma kekahi wā i laha ʻole ai kēia ʻōlelo a ua hele a kākaʻikahi nā mānaleo me ka nalo koke ʻana. He mau kumuwaiwai makamae loa nā hoʻopaʻa leo no nā haumāna o ka ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi i lohe ʻia ka wali kuluma o ka hoʻopuka ʻōlelo ʻana na nā kūpuna i hui pū ʻia me ka ʻike a aʻo i kaʻana ʻia e nā hoa ʻōlelo o ka papahana.

ʻO nā polokolamu ʻumikūmālua mua nā leo o kēia hoʻopuka mua ʻana a me ko lākou mau palapalaleo, a ma hope koke mai ka piha he 417 polokolamu o ka wā o ko Ka Leo Hawaiʻi hoʻolele mua. No ka lehulehu a pau ka hōkeo ʻikepili ma ka Waihona Hoʻāhu Hawaiʻi ʻo Ulukau ma www.ulukau.org.

Ka Leo Hawaiʻi Launched On Ulukau Hawaiian Electronic Library

Corresponding with Hawaiian Language Month of February, Ka Haka ʻUla o Keʻelikōlani will be premiering the Ka Leo Hawaiʻi internet database in late February. Ka Leo Hawaiʻi will be the first collection for the new portal in the digital library called Kani ʻĀina.

Ka Leo Hawaiʻi was a Hawaiian-language radio program that first aired on February 22, 1972 on KCCN and spanned 16 years and 417 programs during its initial run. Conducted in ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi and hosted by Kauanoe Larry Kimura, the program featured live in-studio interviews with mānaleo, most who were kūpuna and among Hawaiʻi's last native speakers of Hawaiian. Following a hiatus after 1988, the program was continued by Puakea Nogelmeier in 1991. As the years passed, it became increasingly harder to continue the program with mānaleo guests, and Ka Leo Hawaiʻi had its final airing in 2000.

Ka Leo Hawaiʻi originally gave listeners throughout the islands the opportunity to hear ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi being spoken fluently at a time when the Hawaiian language was rarely heard spoken and the remaining mānaleo were few and diminishing. The recordings are now an invaluable resource for students of Hawaiian as they learn the natural way Hawaiian was spoken by kūpuna as well as the knowledge and wisdom shared by the guests of the program.

The soft launch will include the first twelve programs and their corresponding transcripts, followed soon by all 417 episodes of Ka Leo Hawaiʻi’s initial run. The database will be accessible to all through the Ulukau Hawaiian Electronic Library at www.ulukau.org.


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kik (noun) light switch. Play
Kāleka Huaʻōlelo Hale: Hawaiian Word Cards for the Home, Kupuna Emma Kauhi, 2000, ʻAha Pūnana Leo

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“I hope to

inspire others who may be just like me, curious and perhaps who’ve wanted to learn but never did. Once they find out how automated and computer friendly the language can be obtained, their manaʻo might be influenced to go ahead and try it. I’ve always wanted to learn more of the language but the paths of life flow and I never got around to it until I took it upon myself to research on the internet. I knew ʻAha Pūnana Leo is one of the largest supporters and founders of Hawaiian language learning academically impacting the state and country with the ʻōlelo. It was on your website where I saw your distance learning program opportunity to learn Hawaiian language and my mind was made up instantly. Thank you for being you and all of the ʻohana who are a part of ʻAha Pūnana Leo and all of its branches as well as for your kōkua in preserving the fluency in the ways of our ancestors, thank you for making the difference and being a part of something that is special, unique and magical!” -Mona O., Hilo, HI., Niuolahiki self-directed Student
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Listen to classic Hawaiian music online via KWXX’s Hawaiian language wilipā (DJs), Kawehi and Kaimana, on Alana I Kai Hikina on Sundays from 4pm-7pm HST HERE.

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About Niuolahiki
ʻAha Pūnana Leo’s Niuolahiki program is named for a legendary coconut tree. In the story, Niu-ola-hiki, in the form of a coconut tree, transports his grandchild on a journey from Hawai‘i to a distant land far across the ocean. Just as this far-reaching coconut tree transports his grandchild to far-away lands, the Niuolahiki Distance Learning Program extends its culturally rooted language program throughout the world. Students of the program reside throughout Hawai‘i and the U.S. continent as well as South America, Europe and Asia.

Coursework for the program is based on the newly revised version of the textbook, Nā Kai ‘Ewalu, written by Dr. Kauanoe Kamanā and Dr. William H. “Pila” Wilson available exclusively for a limited time to our self-directed online learners.

Niu ‘Ō‘io is the jelly-like consistency of the flesh of very young coconuts. Lessons from the textbook Nā Kai ‘Ewalu are taught at this introductory level.

Niu Haohao refers to the soft milky consistency of maturing coconuts, sometimes referred to as “spoon-meat” coconut. Conversational skills will be taught at this intermediate level.

Niu ‘Ilikole refers to the flesh of a half-ripe coconut. Advanced lessons (currently in development) will be taught at this level.

Niuolahiki proudly carries on the work started by Ka Haka ʻUla O Keʻelikōlani College of Hawaiian Language back in 2002.

(808) 321-6468 (Honolulu),
or 1-800-498-4979 (Hilo)

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