1. NEW in 2020: Chromebook users click HERE.
  2. Windows 10 users, download and review this PDF, or watch this video: .
  3. Windows 8 users, see the comments below of a fellow Niuolahiki haumāna and then view this "general" tutorial video . The process shown in the video should be the same to activate the Hawaiian keyboard (input method) as well.

    “Regarding the Hawaiian font/Windows 8. Under language preferences, the Hawaiian language is now available-this is something new, and the first time for Windows. I make it my language of choice. For typing Hawaiian: the ʻokina is just left of the number "1" and the kahakō is typed using the Right Arrow (first!) + Alt + the letter desired. Interestingly, the Windows 8 Hawaiian font works in Windows Word and Google Gmail, but not MSN Explorer email.” -Kimo B. [Use the latest release of the Firefox browser.]

  4. Windows 7 users, for more info, click HERE.
  5. Windows XP users, bookmark this site HERE and then view both tutorial videos HERE.
  6. Mac OS 10.6.8 and up desktop/laptop users, open your "System Preferences" (the gears icon) and then view the tutorial video .
  7. iPad users, click .
  8. iPhone/iPod users, click .
  9. Android users click HERE.
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