For INSTITUTIONAL USE, please make a separate INSTITUTIONAL USE payment via PayPal then send an email to and your institution will be manually enrolled into all bundles at one time.

INSTITUTIONAL USE grants rights to schools, companies and organizations for classroom viewing or viewing within a single-institution at $20 per bundle per year paid in full for five bundles at one time. Videos are licensed for free presentation by the acquiring institution only. If films are to be shown at events charging admission, an additional license fee must be paid.

For large K-12 schools, a separate INSTITUTIONAL USE license should be purchased for the primary and secondary levels for a total of two licenses per large K-12 school.

For small K-12 schools, one INSTITUTIONAL USE license can be purchased for the entire K-12 campus.

Purchase orders may also be considered as a payment option.

Note: All prices are subject to change without notice.

Cost: $100 per year | A $250 value (Click on the link to the left to purchase this bundle via PayPal for instant access.)