Course Offerings Survey Feedback

Course Offerings Survey Feedback

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Aloha mai,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who participated in our Course Offerings survey.  Mahalo nui!  Your thoughts are very much appreciated and will be used to help us develop new and exiting classes.

We would also like to take this opportunity to answer some very good questions that were left in the comment section of the survey.

Here are our answers below:

Yes, if you have completed Kamehameha Schools' A'o Makua 'olelo classes, we would suggest starting with Mokuna (Chapter 1) here:

The Na Kai 'Ewalu textbook that we use in our online lessons requires a specific set of grammatical terminology that must be learned prior to moving on to all subsequent mokuna (chapters) as all lessons are based on this terminology.

Unfortunately, no, we do not offer any classes in Kailua-Kona, but our online lessons can be accessed anytime here:

Please follow our four easy steps to enroll.

Yes, we believe that students who successfully completer Chapter Modules 1-8 (Word Types-Verb Markers) of our self-directed modules should have a good grasp of the patterns covered in said chapters in order to participate in a basic, introductory conversational class.

A networking service to help isolated people who want to connect with others who want to practice 'olelo Hawai'i regularly is a great idea. Please use our Facebook page to schedule a Skype (free, audio web conference call) with other Niuolahiki users.

Login to Facebook via our Facebook page (NDL), post a short introduction, your Skype ID and the date and time you are available to Skype making sure to include your time zone abbreviation, state, city or country name.  An interested Niuolahiki user will then check the time difference via the easy time zone converter link below.  If the meeting date and time is possible, the interested Niuolahiki user will then post a response via our Facebook page and take it from there.  All Niuolahiki users who engage in free Skype meetings with other Niuolahiki users will abide by Skype's terms and etiquette at all times.

Yes, our new self-directed classes allow Niuolahiki users to learn in a more relaxed pace.  Please try a new self-directed class when time allows.

Yes, a three-day gathering of Niuolahiki students in Hilo is still a goal of ours. Please stay tuned.

Yes, we will be uploading some preschool/elementary age learning materials on our main company website in the near future (please check the link below often), but for now, you can access some free books in PDF on ulukau dot org or via our site and/or purchase learning materials from Kamehameha Publishing via the link below.

One-on-one tutoring for a reasonable fee via Skype with a Niuolahiki Facilitator sounds like a great idea. If you left this comment on our survey in regards to your Spanish lessons via native speakers from Mexico, please contact us at to give us some insight on formatting and pricing. Mahalo.

Yes, a self-directed online program equivalent to 3rd and 4th year level course work at the university level leading to a degree in Hawaiian would be awesome and is definitely a long term goal of ours, but for now, with serious dedication and commitment, our self-directed online program may help prepare a student for 2nd year Hawaiian at the university level after successful completion of all 25 chapters.

That's all for now.  Mahalo, again, for your feedback with this survey.  We really appreciate it.  E ola ka 'olelo Hawai'i...The Hawaiian language shall live!

Me ke aloha,
Ke Kime Niuolahiki (The Niuolahiki Team)

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