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SB 1084, 1093 & 1095 Phone and Email Campaign (Urgent!)
by Admin Niuolahiki - Friday, April 12, 2013, 11:04 AM

SB 1084, 1093 & 1095 Phone and Email Campaign (Urgent!)

Aloha mai,

Mahalo for your support of the early learning bills.  However, we still need your immediate help.  The Executive Office on Early Learning has come to understand that legislators want to hear from the community.  They want to know, that early learning is important to their constituents and so far, most have not even had one call or email on this topic.

As you know, our legislators are in conference and although all three bills are alive, we still need to rally more support!  We want to make sure funding is approved and bills (with the recent amendments) are passed; these are both critical to implementing our programs.

Call to Action Steps: ACTION: 1) For Hawaiʻi Residents: Please call or email your district's legislator to voice your support and urge at least 3 colleagues, family or friends to do the same, and 2) For Non-Hawaiʻi Residents: Please urge at least 3 colleagues, family or friends who live in Hawaiʻi, to voice their support via phone or email. You/They can find your/their district's legislators using tools via Be My Voice or via the state's website below by typing in your/their address.

Let's alu like hou mai (work together once again) and let our/these legislators hear our unified leo (voice) in support of Early Learning in the state of Hawaiʻi via phone calls and emails for the benefit of Hawaiʻi's kamaliʻi liʻiliʻi of today and for the hanauna (generations) to come.

Mahalo nunui!