Leok? Update

Leok? Update

by Kumu ʻAlika -
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Aloha all.

Our attempt to upgrade Leok? today has failed, so it is still running version 8.3 of the server. Kamuela and I will attempt to repair this problem on Monday, and hopefully will be able to complete the upgrade some night next week.

For people who have upgraded to version 9.1 of the FirstClas client on their computers, you can use that version of the Client, and this would indeed be better.

If anyone experiences issues with their Leok? account, please email Kamuela Miller and myself. Thanks.

na Keola
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Re: Leok? Update

by Kiliana Hummel -
Aloha e Kumu ?Alika,
I did the install of First Class 9.1 and still can?t configure my font to HI Keawe.  All correspondence sent to me and all Hawaiian text on my desktop is incorrect.  I think that I am able to type correctly with the Hawaiian keyboard.
I?m hoping that after tomorrow, I?ll be able to configure the HI Keawe font.  I can?t even find it in the font list through First Class but it is installed and active on my computer.  Just keeping you updated so you know what is going on out here in new student land.
I?ll retry tomorrow.
Kiliana Hummel
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Re: Leok? Update

by Kim (Pohonui) Allen -
Aloha mai e Kiliana a me Kumu 'Alika,

I installed 9.1 also, but had to re-configure it in order to log on. Then, I also did not have the Hawaiian fonts, even though I had both Keyman and the newer fonts loaded into my computer. None of the HI fonts were even listed on Leok?. So, I un-installed every Hawaiian keyboard and all fonts that I have ever loaded, re-loaded them from the instruction page, and now I have them in Leok?, Niuolahiki and MySpace! I could never get them to work in Niuolahiki or MySpace, but removing them and re-loading them seemed to work. When I went back into Leok?, the HI fonts were there too. I am not sure why or if removing them and re-loading them did the trick, but it worked for me.

Me ka hau'oli,

na Pohonui
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Re: Leok? Update

by Kumu ʻAlika -
Aloha mai,

When the server upgrade is complete and we are all using the lastest version of Leok?, there will be no need anymore for the usage of HI Fonts and the Papa Pihi HI keyboard.  All text entry of the ?okina and kahak? can be generated via the proper keystroke using any font on your system via the "Hawaiian" keyboard.

Hope this helps.

na Kumu ?Alika