Opening of the S10 Term (Kumu-directed classes)

Opening of the S10 Term (Kumu-directed classes)

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Aloha to all new and returning students to Niuolahiki...aloha!

The Kupulau (Spring) 2010 (S10) semester-long term has begun. The first chapter of the term will be opened on this day. You will find it in your respective class folder on Leokī. Locate it on your Leokī desktop and begin the lessons of your respective mokuna. You must work through all lessons in sequential order and post all required submissions and CORRections prior to the first deadline of the term (see your respective class schedule posted on your class web page).

Again, take your time and pace yourself. You have 2 1/2 weeks to complete all lessons and to study and memorize the vocabulary, grammatical rules and patterns presented in your respective initial mokuna.

Post any general technical question in the Kākoʻo ʻEnehana (Tech Issues Forum) folder/conference on Leokī. Any questions regarding the latest version of Leokī and the use of Unicode fonts can be posted in the Kakoo Leoki folder/conference found on your Leokī desktop. Finally, any questions pertaining to your particular mokuna lessons can be posted in your respective Tuta (Tutor) forum on your class web page.

I would like to mahalo Mr. Kalaʻi ʻAiona for helping me with getting the classes setup for this term even though he is no longer our IT person. Mahalo nui iā ʻoe e Kalaʻi ē ke kōkua ʻoluʻolu ʻana mai a me kāu hana maikaʻi me nā haumāna ma Nāwahī ma ka māla Hawaiʻi nui a nani o ke kula. He waiwai nō ia.

Lastly, mahalo for everyone's support last term in helping us to build our self-directed program so that the Leokī classes and the Niuolahiki program as a whole could continue to exist. Our initial efforts were successful, but we are not in the clear yet as the economy continues to recover and the fact that Niuolahiki must now fully sustain itself much like a business. Therefore, the continuation of our entire program is still uncertain. However, we will remain makaʻala to do all that we can to the best of our ability to ensure its continuation. E alu like mai kākou.

For now, we look forward to working with all of you this term.

E ola ka ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi!

na nā Kumu a me ke Kime o Niuolahiki