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Glossary: Niuolahiki Testimonials

ʻʻThis course is

a relatively easy way to become more paʻa with the Hawaiian language and to better appreciate the Hawaiian culture.” -Niuolahiki Teacher-directed Student

ʻʻThis distance learning

program has been an awesome experience. I have not only learned the grammatical basis of ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi but have been able to start learning how to speak it appropriately.” -Niuolahiki Teacher-directed Student

ʻʻThis program

is terrific. Now I have a solid foundation in my study of the Hawaiian language. On to the next level!” -Niuolahiki Teacher-directed Student

ʻʻThis program for

online learning is important. These are hard working teachers who are dedicated to spreading the knowledge of learning the Hawaiian Language. They are passionate about their role in teaching. They are a wealth of knowledge, cultural and tradition. What better way to learn this beautiful language? The importance of their message should be shared with everyone. There is no way that I could fulfill my dream without them.” -Pat G., Cape May, NJ., Niuolahiki Self-directed Student

ʻʻThis program has

allowed me to learn Hawaiian properly and quickly because it ties the language to the culture and Hawaiian point of view. The classes are the next best thing to being there in Hilo, because of the inventive methods used. Their creative approach, using voice files and telecommunication, has let me speak Hawaiian with people from Germany to Japan and around the U.S., improving my conversational skills as well as making friends. The teachers understand the challenges and are always very encouraging. I am very grateful for the opportunity to participate.” -Kalā W., Hamden, CT., Niuolahiki Teacher-directed Student

ʻʻThis program is

highly recommended for anyone who desires to keep the Hawaiian language and culture alive.” -Niuolahiki Self-directed Student

ʻʻThis self-directed

distance learning program has provided myself and family with the opportunity to remain a part of the meaningful movement to fully reestablish the Hawaiian language despite living now in Canada. With greatest appreciation, mahalo nui loa, E Ola!” -Niuolahiki Self-directed Student

ʻʻThis was my first

course and I loved it - I got over my fear of technology and learned the value of distance learning through a truly sophisticated and thoughtful program. Because I have a busy schedule, I appreciated the flexibility, the immediate and feedback on homework, and the way that my teacher was able to give personal comments on assignments and questions. I would not hesitate to continue as a student and thank ʻAha Pūnana Leo for this service to all of us who love Hawaiʻi and live far away.” -Niuolahiki Teacher-directed Student

ʻʻWe had the

great pleasure of meeting Aunty ʻEkekela, Kēhaulani, and Janice last week in the workshop for our new school, Paʻa, here in San Diego. They really had a big part in helping us find our sense of place, who we are and where we want to be. And learning the Hawaiian language is one of our first steps. We will never forget everything that they taught to us during their time in San Diego and we promise to do our best to pass that knowledge on so that it will not be forgotten or lost. We love them with all our heart and we owe a lot of thanks to them for everything! We are hoping to move back home someday soon and enroll our keiki in the Pūnana Leo schools before they get any older. That is our goal, but for now we are so thankful that we have Paʻa. Mahalo again to everyone that has worked so hard to put all these programs together. It really means more than we can describe with words.” -ʻOhana Eaton, San Diego, CA., Ke Ola O Ka Mauli Workshop August 2010 Participants