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Glossary: Niuolahiki Testimonials

ʻʻThe classes are

stimulating. I especially appreciate the clarity of the speakers. I am hearing impaired but I have no problems understanding the spoken words. The speakers are very articulate in their enunciation of each word.” -Niuolahiki Self-directed Student

ʻʻThe distance learning

program was nice since I live In Tennessee and I can still take this Hawaiian course. Mahalo for the wonderful experience.” -Niuolahiki Teacher-directed Student

ʻʻThe main reason

why I moved to Hawaiʻi after starting my formal Hawaiian language education with ʻAha Pūnana Leo’s distance learning program (while living in California), is to cultivate the bilingual cultural values that existed prior to the illegal overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy.” -Malulani O., Kailua-Kona, HI., Past Niuolahiki Teacher-directed Student and Current OHA Trustee At-Large Candidate

ʻʻThe Niuolahiki

Hawaiian Language Program has surpassed all of my expectations for its effectiveness in teaching the structure and pronunciation of the Hawaiian Language.” -Niuolahiki Teacher-directed Student

ʻʻThe Niuolahiki program

gave me a wonderful insight into ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi. Although I am not from Hawaiʻi, this program has become an important part in my daily life. Mahalo nunui! Aloha!” -Niuolahiki Teacher-directed Student

ʻʻThe Niuolahiki program is

an excellent way for beginning students to learn Hawaiian because the underlying structure of the language is clearly explained. Understanding the reasons behind the grammar has given me confidence that I am using the language properly. I recommend the course for any age (and I am 49!).” -Kekoa L., Niuolahiki Teacher-directed Student

ʻʻThe program has

enhanced my learning so much!” -Niuolahiki Teacher-directed Student

ʻʻThe work that

goes into offering these courses is enormous, I am sure. I thank everyone in the Niuolahiki program, and at ʻAha Pūnana Leo. E ola ka ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi. The Hawaiian language shall live!” -Niuolahiki Teacher-directed Student

ʻʻThese classes have

deepened my understanding of hula and the Hawaiian culture. I appreciate the supportive approach taken by the instructors.” -Niuolahiki Teacher-directed Student

ʻʻThis class was

very effective and taught me very much about not only Hawaiian language but also Hawaiian culture.” -Niuolahiki Self-directed High School Student