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Glossary: Niuolahiki Testimonials

“My dream is to

have numerous fluent speakers of the Hawaiian language on the Mainland U.S. and that the Hawaiian language be taught in our schools and colleges.These courses are giving me the opportunity to hold onto my hope that my dream will someday become a reality, as they bring it closer to fruition by serving to inspire Hawaiians and Hawaiians at heart to fully revitalize and learn this mana-filled beautful language.” -Niuolahiki Self-directed Student

“My mom's side

of the family is all Hawaiian and my dad's family is from England. I'm white but I am very very proud to be part-Hawaiian. My uncles and aunts can speak Hawaiian and I'm very excited to soon be able to communicate with everyone.” :) -Niuolahiki Self-directed Student

“Nicely paced and

beautifully narrated by native speakers these lessons gave me confidence I can learn the Hawaiian language. Mahalo!” -Niuolahiki Self-directed Student

“No ka poʻe

e noho ʻole ana ma Hawaiʻi, hiki ke aʻo i ka ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi. He mea pōmaikaʻi nō ia!” -Niuolahiki Papa Kamaʻilio Student

“No nā mea

kamaʻāina ʻole i kēia papahana, pono e pili a e komo piha mai. He mau mea mamao mākou, nā haumāna, mai Hawaiʻi akā, ua loaʻa iā mākou he mālamalama e hahai aku ai. ʻO Niuolahiki ko kākou kahua!” -Niuolahiki Teacher-directed Student

“Nui koʻu mahalo

i kēia papahana ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi a me ka hana nui o nā mea a pau pili i ka papahana.” -Niuolahiki Teacher-directed Student

“Our Hawaiian

language is beautiful. Help this beauty continue to grow! Learn Hawaiian!” -Niuolahiki Self-directed Student

“Taking these courses

helps me toward the goal of learning to speak Hawaiian.” -Niuolahiki Self-directed Student

“Thank you for

teaching ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi in this technologically creative way that enables people all over the world to learn and perpetuate this beautiful, fascinating language and to feel the aloha across the miles that is so special to Hawaiʻi.” -Niuolahiki Teacher-directed/Papa Kamaʻilio Student

“The ʻAha Pūnana Leo

Niuolahiki program provides a thorough understanding and implementation of the Hawaiian language that cannot be found anywhere else. The program allows the student to move at a comfortable self-paced rate which makes for a solid understanding of the language. A wonderful experience.” -Dr. James B. (KimoB), Niuolahiki Self-directed Student