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Glossary: Niuolahiki Testimonials

“I have enjoyed

my studies in the Niuolahiki program since 2008, and plan to continue. If it was not for this program, I never would have been able to learn Hawaiian, as I live on the mainland. All of my kumu are dedicated teachers and have supported and encouraged me throughout the years. We would not be able to learn as we have without their aloha and continual support.” -Niuolahiki Teacher-directed Student

“I have thoroughly

enjoyed these well organized lessons. The practice provided after each lesson is excellent. It is easy to use and the accompanying materials that can be downloaded for a very inexpensive fee are terrific!” -Niuolahiki Self-directed Student

“I hope to

inspire others who may be just like me, curious and perhaps who’ve wanted to learn but never did. Once they find out how automated and computer friendly the language can be obtained, their manaʻo might be influenced to go ahead and try it. I’ve always wanted to learn more of the language but the paths of life flow and I never got around to it until I took it upon myself to research on the internet. I knew ʻAha Pūnana Leo is one of the largest supporters and founders of Hawaiian language learning academically impacting the state and country with the ʻōlelo. It was on your website where I saw your distance learning program opportunity to learn Hawaiian language and my mind was made up instantly. Thank you for being you and all of the ʻohana who are a part of ʻAha Pūnana Leo and all of its branches as well as for your kōkua in preserving the fluency in the ways of our ancestors, thank you for making the difference and being a part of something that is special, unique and magical!” -Mona O., Hilo, HI., Niuolahiki self-directed Student

“I wanted to

learn Hawaiian. I found Niuolahiki and now I'm doing it at my own pace and on my own time, this is great. Mahalo.” -Niuolahiki Self-directed Student

“I would hope

to get more people on board especially the local people who could benefit from our ‘ōlelo.” -Niuolahiki Self-directed Student

“Learning Hawaiian

through the self-directed distance learning program is already helping me understand the Hawaiian music that I love listening to.” -Niuolahiki Self-directed Student

“Living here in

the SF Bay Area, I am hearing indigenous languages being spoken in public more often. I am so grateful to have remote access to Hawaiian master teachers to learn my ʻōlelo makuahine because it makes me feel like I'm part of a bigger, growing wave of language revitalization spanning many nations.” -Niuolahiki Teacher-directed/Papa Kamaʻilio Student

“Living on the

Mainland U.S., this is my only link to my hope in someday being able to speak the Hawaiian language fluently.” -Niuolahiki Self-directed Student

“Mai ka manawa mua

aʻu i komo ai i loko o kēia papahana, ua hoʻolako ʻia koʻu ola. ʻO ia hoʻi, hiki iaʻu ke ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi a hiki ke hōʻike i koʻu mau manaʻo ma ka ʻōlelo a nā kūpuna. He pōmaikaʻi maoli nō ia. Ma muli o kēia papahana i hoʻoikaika ʻia ai koʻu hilinaʻi ma koʻu naʻau a pehea au e noʻonoʻo ai he Hawaiʻi au. No nā mea kamaʻāina ʻole i ka ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi a he Hawaiʻi lākou, ʻaʻole lākou ʻike eia ke ala kūpono e hele ai i loaʻa ka haʻaheo e pili ana i ko lākou wahi hānau. No koʻu aʻo ʻana i ka ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi, he ʻo iaʻiʻo kēia a he lanakila ka papahana ʻo Niuolahiki!” -ʻĀlika C., Sacramento, CA., Niuolahiki Teacher-directed Student


This class provides the community that gives me the strength to keep going! Cultural context: This helps me to understand my family and where we come from.” -Niuolahiki Teacher-directed Student