Install Hawaiian Keyboard

  1. NEW: Chromebook users click HERE.
  2. Windows 10 users, bookmark this site HERE then download and review the PDF instructions.
  3. Windows 8 users, see the comments below of a fellow Niuolahiki haumāna and then view this "general" tutorial video HERE. The process shown in the video should be the same to activate the Hawaiian keyboard (input method) as well.

    “Regarding the Hawaiian font/Windows 8. Under language preferences, the Hawaiian language is now available-this is something new, and the first time for Windows. I make it my language of choice. For typing Hawaiian: the ʻokina is just left of the number "1" and the kahakō is typed using the Right Arrow (first!) + Alt + the letter desired. Interestingly, the Windows 8 Hawaiian font works in Windows Word and Google Gmail, but not MSN Explorer email.” -Kimo B. [Use the latest release of the Firefox browser.]

  4. Windows 7 users, for more info, click HERE.
  5. Windows XP users, bookmark this site HERE and then view both tutorial videos HERE.
  6. Mac OS 10.6.8 and up desktop/laptop users, open your "System Preferences" (the gears icon) and then view the tutorial video HERE.
  7. iPad users, click HERE.
  8. iPhone/iPod users, click HERE.
  9. Android users click HERE.
Last modified: Sunday, November 26, 2017, 03:01 PM