Kumu ʻAlika
Close of the S09 Term
by Kumu ʻAlika - Saturday, April 18, 2009, 10:23 AM
Aloha mai k?kou e n? haum?na,

What's happening this pule?

1. The Niuolahiki kumu are making corrections to your h??ike hope loa and will be posting your final grade.  You can check your final grade at:


2. Again, our program anamana?o (evaluation) has been posted.  Please take some time to post your mana?o.  You will find the evaluation at:


3. As soon as your final grade is posted, you may register for the Kauwela (Summer) 2009 (K09) term.  If you pass your current class with a C grade or better, you may register for the next class.  If you would like to repeat a class, you may do so at the discounted rate.  The last day to register is 4/26/2009.  Again, Niu ???io classes are $340.

You can register at:


List of K09 Classes:

Niu ???io 1 (Mokuna 1-4)
Niu ???io 2 (Mokuna 5-8)
Niu ???io 3 (Mokuna 9-12
Niu ???io 4 (Mokuna 13-16)
Niu ???io 5 (Mokuna 17-20)

Niu Haohao 1 (Mokuna 21-23) (will not be offered in the summer)
Niu Haohao 2 (Mokuna 24-26) (will not be offered in the summer)
Niu Haohao 3 (will not be offered in the summer)
Niu Haohao 4 (focuses on conversation and speaking.  You must pass the Niu Haohao 3 class before you can enroll into this class.) (will not be offered in the summer)

If you have any questions, please let us know.  So now, we wait for final grades to be posted.  Laki maika?i!

A hui hou k?kou ma ka l? 27 o ?Apelila.

na n? Kumu Niuolahiki